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The Washington County Fair Farm Museum

Educational Programs and Group Tours

Join the education staff and museum volunteers for any of our organized programs
offered on May through October. 

Fees: School/Youth Groups - $2 per student, classroom teacher, bus driver, and required chaperones are free. 

#1 Make Their Manners (grades 1-3) approx 2 hours The students will “Make Their Manners” and learn “School Etiquette” as they portray children of the 1850s in the one-room schoolhouse. They will also learn about hygiene and health issues of that time period. Time is allowed for exploring the museum. 

#2 Schoolhouse (grades 4-6) approx 2 hours As the students portray those of the 1850’s they learn local history, practice spelling and arithmetic through oral and written exercises used in the one-room school. They will also participate in farm family chores that were essential for survival during that time period. 

#3 Springtime on the Farm (grades 3-6) approx 2 hours offered May – June Each season brought different activities to the farm families of Washington County. Join us for spring activities like turning the soil and planting crops. Students will use hand tools and “modern tools” of the time. 

#4 Harvest Time (grades 3-6) approx 2 hours offered Sept-Oct Students will help the farmer harvest the crops using “modern machines” and tools of the time. They will also participate in other activities to prepare for the coming winter. 

• Customized programs to meet your group’s area of interest can be arranged. 
  Call 518-692-2464 to make arrangements. 
• Dress appropriately for the weather. 
  Most activities are outdoors and the museum buildings are not heated. 
• All programs support the New York and Vermont State learning standards. 
• A pre-tour meeting is available to acquaint teachers with our programs and facilities. • Picnic tables for bag lunches are available on-site. 
• Most buildings are handicap accessible 

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